How can I buy Multiple Domains at the same time?

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Are you looking to buy various domains?

Not just for fun but as you’re fascinated to get it or want to buy it and later use it for business purposes or personal growth?

Reason can be anything but the question is are you able to get multiple domains at the same time?

Then, the answer is yes.

You can purchase multiple domains at the same time. Most domain registrars offer functionalities to buy domains in bulk. Here are two common methods:

Bulk search and buy: Many registrars allow you to enter a list of desired domain names, typically up to 500 at a time, and search for the same to check its availability. You can then add the available ones to your cart and purchase them together.

Bulk registration: Some registrars provide tools like “Beast Mode” (offered by Namecheap) that let you register a large number of domains (up to 50 in the case of Namecheap) at once. This is useful if you have a predetermined list of names you want to secure.

Here are some Additional points to consider:

  • Cost: While bulk buying might seem more efficient, purchasing multiple domains at once may not always be cheaper. Some registrars offer discounts for registering domains for multiple years, but this might not apply to bulk purchases.

  • TLDs (Top-Level Domains): You can consider registering variations of your desired domain name with different extensions (like .com, .net, .org). This can help with brand protection and user experience.

  • Management: Keeping track of renewal dates and managing settings can become cumbersome with a large number of domains. It is recommended to check with your preferred domain registrar to see what bulk purchase options they offer and what are their pricing structure.

Steps for using the cPanel to Search and Register Multiple Domains

This tutorial consists of general steps to search and register a multiple domain. Hence, these steps vary depending on the domain registrar service which you are using.

  1. Navigate to the Domain Management Panel: Most of registrars will have a dedicated section for managing your domains. Look for terms like “Domain Management,” “My Domains,” or “Domain Manager” on the registrar’s website.

  2. Locate the Bulk Search Option: Once you’re in the domain management panel, look for functionalities related to bulk searching or registering domains. This could be a separate tab labeled “Bulk Registration” or “Bulk Search.”

  3. Enter Your Desired Domain Names: Depending on the registrar, you might have two options:

    Enter Each Domain Separately: Some panels have a search bar for each domain. Enter your desired domain name (e.g., “yourbusinessname”) followed by the extension (e.g., “.com”).

    Upload a List of Domains: Some registrars allow uploading a text file containing a list of domain names, that too on a separate line. This can be the faster solution if you have a large number of domains.

  4. Search Availability: You have to click on the “Search” or “Check Availability” button after entering your domains. The panel will display the availability status for each domain (available or unavailable).

  5. Select Domains for Purchase: You have to select the domain and review the availability results. For available domains you want to register, check a box next to each one or use a “Select All” option if available.

  6. Configure Additional Options (Optional): Some panels might allow you to configure additional settings for your domains during bulk registration, like:

    Registration Period: Choose the registration duration (usually 1-10 years).

Privacy Protection: Enable domain privacy protection to hide your contact information publicly.

  • Add to Cart and Checkout: Once you’ve selected your desired domains and configured any settings, click “Add to Cart” or proceed to checkout. You’ll likely need to confirm your billing information and payment method before completing the purchase.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • Not all domain registrars offer bulk registration functionalities. Check your registrar’s website for details.

  • The specific interface and functionalities within the panel will vary depending on the registrar.

  • Always review the terms and conditions before finalizing your purchase.

If you’re unsure about any steps within your domain registrar’s panel, it’s always best to consult their help documentation or contact their customer support team for assistance.

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