How to Solve Application Error in Windows vzpp

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Error :

“Application Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration.”


Solution :

This is usually caused by VPS hitting its memory parameters , the QOS alerts can be checked from vzmc/pmc to confirm this.

A temporary solution would be restart the the vps to release the memory resource. You want to fix it permanent solution make sure to check how frequent the QOS parameters are hitting their limit and what is causing this high usage and resolve that accordingly.

After restarting virtual private servers , make sure to check it in new browser window about the Plesk login information. 

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How to RDP connect to windows server / VPS ?

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RDP connect to windows server/VPS


Connecting to a remote Windows server or Windows VPS from your Windows 7 PC is easy with Microsoft’s own Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) program. It is included with most versions of Windows. 


To launch RDC

Enter the following:


1) Open the Start menu of your computer

2) Search for “Remote Desktop Connection”.

Note (If you can’t find it, you can start it manually with Start > Run > mstsc.exe).

3) Enter your Windows VPS details as follows:

Computer: [IP address of your RDP VPS or Windows Server.]


4) Click Connect button

You see a message like the following.


5) Select “Don’t ask me again.”

6) Click Connect button

RDC will prompt for your password

Enter the following:


1) Type Username: Administrator

2) Type Password: Password is supplied by your Windows VPS provider.


3) Click Ok button


You should now be connected to your server’s desktop. Please take care to update your Administrator password right away!

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