How to Install mod_cloudflare on cPanel

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Installing mod_cloudflare on cPanel

CloudFlare is a performance and security service. The CloudFlare cPanel plugin makes it easy to integrate into your hosting control panel. The CloudFlare module automatically translates visitor IP addresses to reflect the visitor’s original IP address rather than the IP address of the CloudFlare proxy servers.

Installing mod_cloudflare on a cPanel server is very easy. Just follow 8 steps as below. 


Step 1 :

Download core file by using the following command : 



Step 2 :

Connect to your server through SSH and log in as root.


Step 3 :

Change directory to /usr/local/src by using the following command : 

cd /usr/local/src


Step 4 :

Get the source code for mod_cloudflare by using the following command :

wget –no-check-certificate CloudFlare-Tools/master/mod_cloudflare.c


Step 5 :

Build and install mod_cloudflare by using Apache Extension Tool by using the following command : 

apxs -a -i -c mod_cloudflare.c


Step 6 :

Restart the Apache Server daemon by using the following command : 

service httpd restart


Step 7 :

Update the Apache configuration data by using the following command : 

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/apache_conf_distiller –update


Step 8 :

Confirm the module is loaded properly by using the following command : 

httpd -M | grep cloud



Apache will log the visitors’ IP addresses instead of the CloudFlare IP’s.




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How to Uninstall MySQL Governor

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Uninstall MySQL Governor

To uninstall MySQL Governor.

  • Run the following command to uninstall MySQL Governor:

/usr/share/lve/dbgovernor/ –delete
yum erase db-governor db-governor-mysql


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How to install MariaDB Server in cPanel/WHM servers?

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How to install MariaDB Server in cPanel/WHM servers?


What are the advantages of using MariaDB Server ?


 *  Install MariaDB Server in cPanel/WHM servers

1. Backup existing MySQL data

# mysqldump --all-databases --routines --triggers > /home/db_dump/alldb.sql
# service mysql stop
# cp -r /var/lib/mysql/mysql /home/db_dump/
# service mysql start

2. Select MySQL version as MariaDB

# /usr/share/lve/dbgovernor/db-select-mysql --mysql-version=mariadb100

MariaDB versions:

mariadb55 for MariaDB v5.5
mariadb100 for MariaDB v10.0
mariadb101 for MariaDB v10.1

3. Install MariaDB

# /usr/share/lve/dbgovernor/db-select-mysql --install-now

Final step is to recompile PHP and Apache in the server.

# /scripts/easyapache

 * Advantages of using MariaDB Server

1) Faster and safer replication.

2) Indexes for the MEMORY(HEAP) engine are faster.

3) CHECKSUM TABLE is faster.

4) MariaDB improved the performance of character set conversions.

5) Pool of Threads in MariaDB 5.1 and even better in MariaDB 5.5.

6) There are some improvements to the DBUG code to make its execution faster when debug is compiled in but not used.

7) Our use of the Aria storage engine enables faster complex queries.

8) The test suite has been extended and now runs much faster than before, even though it tests more things.

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