How to change URL of Joomla site

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To change URL of Joomla site. In This article will be explaining how to do it in easy and quick way. Sometimes it is necessary to change the domain name for a website and change to a configuration file and possibly your database. These two tasks are both discussed in below. The follow the steps for changing your Joomla website URL.


Tasks No. 1 : To modifying the Domain Name for Your Joomla Website

Step 1 : Start with Login to your cPanel.

Step 2 : Go to the File Manager or FTP client.

Step 3 : Locate the installation files for your Joomla files.

Step 4 : Search for the root folder of your Joomla installation.

Step 5 : Then Open file configuration.php for editing.

Step 6 : Locate the following line which defines website URL

public $live_site=’’

Step 7 : Replace with new domain name.

public $live_site=’’;

Step 8 : Then Save the file to apply the changes.




Tasks No 2. : To change the Database Settings of Your Joomla Installation

Step 1 : Login to your cPanel.

Step 2 : In the Databases section Click on phpMyAdmin.

Step 3 : Select your Joomla database.

Step 4 : Then click on Export in the top menu.

Note : The exported format will be SQL (e.g. filename.sql)

Step 5 : Save the resulting SQL file to your local hard drive.

Step 6 : Then open the SQL file in a Text Editor.

Step 7 : Find and Replace all of your old URLs with the new one.

Step 8 : Then save the SQL file.

Step 9 : Go back to phpMyAdmin.

Step 10 : Then Import your updated SQL file back in as the Same Joomla database.

After the importing is completed, you should be able to visit your Joomla site with the new domain. Here is how easy and fast we can change Joomla website URL just by editing it’s configuration file.


That’s it!!!

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How to Install Virtuemart in Joomla!

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VirtueMart is a Joomla extension, which makes installation straightforward. Before you install VirtueMart, however, make sure you are running Joomla 2.5. VirtueMart is currently not supported with Joomla 3.


Install Virtuemart in Joomla!

1) Download VirtueMart from the VirtueMart website.

2) Extract the zip file you just downloaded, there should be 2 zip files:

com_virtuemart.2.0.14  (install this one 1st, it contains the Virtuemart component)
com_virtuemart.2.0.14_ext_aio (install this one 2nd, it includes all the additional plugins and modules required to use the Virtuemart)

3) Login to your Joomla! Dashboard.

4) In the top menu, click Extension Manager option.

5) Under the Upload Package File menu, click the Browse button.

6) Navigate to the first file (com_virtuemart.2.0.14), and click the Open button.

7) Then click Upload & Install. This may take some time to complete.

8) You will see some information listed, and possibly a warning, we will address this in the next section.

9) Under the Upload Package File menu, click the Browse button again and navigate to the second file (com_virtuemart.2.0.14_ext_aio)

10) Click the Open button.

11) Click the Upload & Install button to the right. This may take some time to complete.

12) You will see a notification upon completion stating “Installing component was successful.”

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