Joomla Hosting: Features & Keep Your Joomla Website Secure

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One more, most popular CMS other than WordPress is Joomla and it is being used by a number of developers for developing feature-rich and dynamic websites. Joomla CMS is popular because it offers various features like:

  • Joomla is very easy to modify and update.
  • It offers thousands of plugins and modules to the developers. Therefore it is very easy to add functionalities while designing a Joomla website.
  • Every functionality, which you want to add in your website, Joomla has a plugin for it.

There are some new features that are being added to Joomla Web Hosting in addition to the above mentioned features. As mentioned earlier, Joomla is considered as a good option for developing a website as it is an award-winning CMS which enables developers to develop dynamic and complex websites of any size and allows the developers to use a wide range of applications surrounding Joomla, so let’s look at them:

* You will get advanced Joomla platform from your selected web host:

If you have selected a web host, to sign up for a fully customized Joomla Hosting Plan for hosting your Joomla website, then the resources which you will get will be very easy to use and scalable.

* You will get improved Joomla compatibility:

Your web host will also offer Joomla platform which is compatible with Apache, PHP, and MySQL. This Joomla platform offered by the different web hosts is capable of running the latest version of Joomla, OS and software.

* You will get upgraded backend:

Latest version of Joomla is capable of developing a commercial website that provides value for money as well as satisfaction to you and also you will get what you are paying for. You will get fully upgraded backend for adding different types of templates and also administrating your website will be a lot easier.

* Inherent Templates are still important:

The latest version of Joomla gives importance to the inherent templates which allow even a beginner to develop a website easily. You will also get a number of modules and options for developing a complex website.

* Templates offered by Joomla are responsive:

The main worry of a website owner is to have a responsive website. Joomla offers a Bootstrap framework for achieving this objective. There is no need to sign up for any extra plugin or module or extension for running your website on different devices like mobiles, laptops, iPads, etc. This framework enables a user to browse your website easily, anytime, anywhere.

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* Joomla offers thousands of Plugins and modules:

The developers who love coding will find Joomla very useful because Joomla offers inherent plugins, modules to its users. Thus Joomla helps you in adding various functionalities to your website and enhance the appearance of your website. You will also get SEO friendly URL plugins and also Captcha plugins with Joomla. You can handle your articles appropriately using modules offered by Joomla. Thus Joomla decreases the need of any type of third party plugin.

* Joomla provides advanced database support:

The latest version of Joomla is driven by the database so as to provide you improved security and functionalities. Hostripples is a cheap Joomla Hosting providing a company with fully function-rich resources and responsive utilities. You can host multiple websites on their Joomla platform and you will find that their hosting services will fulfill your requirements.

Now in relation to the above features, one of the major drawbacks of Joomla CMS is that:

It is prone to external attacks like malware, hackers or SQL injections. Hackers mostly try to access the source code and earn money through alterations.

Therefore Today I am going to provide you some important tips that might help you in keeping your Joomla website secure from Hackers:

1. Turn on .htaccess file of Joomla:

.htaccess file is a text file that contains code that protects a Joomla website from hackers or other types of exploits and you will get this file pre-loaded with Joomla installation. Therefore it is very important to check that .htaccess file is turned on before publishing your website. There is no need to overwrite .htaccess file with the help of a blank text file and change the name of the file .htaccess.txt to .htaccess.

2. Always look for periodic updates:

As mentioned earlier, Joomla has a wide community of developers, experts, etc. who provide regular updates and solutions to fight against bugs and exploits. At regular time intervals, they declare security measures and thus motivate the Joomla website owners to apply those changes to their Joomla installations.

The updates announced by the community members of Joomla are not automated i.e. you will have to upgrade your Joomla installation on your own by upgrading plugins and modules. For manual up-gradation, click on the “Update Now” button and your old version will be upgraded to the latest version seamlessly.

3. Always edit Default “Administrator Name” and always use strong password:

Joomla also assigns a default “Admin” or “Administrator name” and a flexible password, just like WordPress, to every Joomla website owner, therefore it is recommended that you should change this default “Administrator Name” to a distinct user name as well as set a strong password because if you keep the default Admin name and flexible password as it is, then it will be easier for the hackers to hack the account details and hackers can take help of brute force for attacking your website.

Thus when you change the default administrator name and password, only you know about it and the hackers need to keep guessing it. Therefore never forget to change the default administrator name and password to a unique user name and password. You can take the help of a password generator for generating a strong password.

4. Be careful while selecting a Joomla extension:

It is possible to add as many features or functionalities or utilities to your Joomla website as you need and it is possible only because of the thousands of plugins, or templates or modules or widgets that are offered by Joomla. But it is important to keep in mind that not all of these plugins or modules or extensions are secure as they may leave certain options open to the attackers.

It is therefore recommended that, at the time of selecting plugins or modules for your website, always check out their reputation and read the user reviews. Another way is to remove all the plugins or extensions that are not useful to you so that your website will be safe and secure. It will also increase the speed of your website.

5. Take help of 2-Factor Authentication:

2-Facto Authentication support is offered to the website owners by Joomla so if you activate this option, then at the time of logging in to your website, it will ask the user name, password and OTP code (i.e. One Times Password) which generates automatically, thus 2-Factor Authentication protects your website from hacking or intrusions.

6. Switch off open user registration:

Sometimes, if you are allowing open user registration to your website, then there can be some options that may leave certain openings for the attackers, even though the open registration is considered beneficial for improving your brand value. But it is your decision whether you want to allow your users to register through your website or not. I would like you to attract your visitors using social media.

7. Turn off FTP:

Another way to protect your website from attackers is to turn off or disable FTP because Joomla has its own tool for uploading and downloading files. This is a very good idea to protect your website from hackers.


I hope you find the information related to new features offered by web hosts helpful. I also hope that the tips provided by me for protecting your Joomla website must have helped you in gaining extra knowledge. If you are looking for a customized Joomla Web Hosting service provider, then I strongly recommend you select the Hostripples web hosting company, which is one of the best web hosting companies.

If you think that I have missed something in today’s article, then feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment section below.


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How to change URL of Joomla site

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To change URL of Joomla site. In This article will be explaining how to do it in easy and quick way. Sometimes it is necessary to change the domain name for a website and change to a configuration file and possibly your database. These two tasks are both discussed in below. The follow the steps for changing your Joomla website URL.


Tasks No. 1 : To modifying the Domain Name for Your Joomla Website

Step 1 : Start with Login to your cPanel.

Step 2 : Go to the File Manager or FTP client.

Step 3 : Locate the installation files for your Joomla files.

Step 4 : Search for the root folder of your Joomla installation.

Step 5 : Then Open file configuration.php for editing.

Step 6 : Locate the following line which defines website URL

public $live_site=’’

Step 7 : Replace with new domain name.

public $live_site=’’;

Step 8 : Then Save the file to apply the changes.




Tasks No 2. : To change the Database Settings of Your Joomla Installation

Step 1 : Login to your cPanel.

Step 2 : In the Databases section Click on phpMyAdmin.

Step 3 : Select your Joomla database.

Step 4 : Then click on Export in the top menu.

Note : The exported format will be SQL (e.g. filename.sql)

Step 5 : Save the resulting SQL file to your local hard drive.

Step 6 : Then open the SQL file in a Text Editor.

Step 7 : Find and Replace all of your old URLs with the new one.

Step 8 : Then save the SQL file.

Step 9 : Go back to phpMyAdmin.

Step 10 : Then Import your updated SQL file back in as the Same Joomla database.

After the importing is completed, you should be able to visit your Joomla site with the new domain. Here is how easy and fast we can change Joomla website URL just by editing it’s configuration file.


That’s it!!!

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