How to Remove WordPress from cPanel Softaculous?

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You can easily install and remove WordPress from cPanel Softaculous.  

This tutorial article will help you to uninstall WordPress from cPanel Softaculous.  

  1. Login to your cPanel account

2. Click on the Softaculous App Installer section and click on WordPress.

3. After that you can click on the Installations tab where you’ll see all the installations.

4. Under Installations, you’ll see the dashboard consists of different options. Click on the red dustbin icon under options for the domain that you want to remove:

5. After clicking on the red dustbin icon, you’ll be redirected to this page.

6. Click on the button Remove Installation. You’ll be asked last time about removing the installation and you just need to click OK

When you click on the OK button,

7. You’ll get on the page informing installation was removed successfully.  

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Steps to Install WordPress using Softaculous

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This tutorial will help you to install WordPress using Softaculous.

Log-in to your cPanel (Control Panel)

The very first step is to login to your cPanel (control panel) login page and enter the correct details.  

After login, you can check for the Softaculous icon in the control panel as shown in the screenshot below. It will redirect you to Softaculous Endures panel.

Operate the Softaculous from your control panel.

Select the WordPress

Under Softaculous endure; you’ll see the multiple scripts lists from which you’ve to select the WordPress.

Click on the Install button which will showcase the install form.  

After clicking on the Install button, you’ll be redirected to the install form. 

Fill the all necessary details in the install form shown in the screenshot below. The form consists of many details that are prefilled by the default, you can also change it as per your requirement or leave it as it is and continue with the installation with default values.  

Select the installation URL

Select the domain and folder in which you want to install of WordPress. Also, select HTTPS to ensure your website is secure by using a SSL Certificate.

Note: If you want to install WordPress in document root i.e instead of subdirectory i.e. then leaves the In Directory field blank. 


Finish the remaining installation setup. You can select the version of WordPress as per your requirement. We recommend using the most recent release, as it will be secure and compatible with most of themes and plugins.

In the Site Setting section, you need to type Website Name and Description. However, you can change this after installation.  

Finish the Admin Account section

For the admin username, it’s suggested to use something unique than the default ‘admin’ for the username, as this is the default for all WordPress installations and poses a security risk.  

For a password, you can create a password or generate one using the key icon.

An email address is needed to get notifications, including the password reset (if you forgot the password)

Choose Language helps you to select the default language for your website.

Select Plugin(s) helps you to select plugins as per your business.

In the Advanced Options section, mentioned options don’t need to be changed, but they include the database name, table prefix, disable update notification emails, set auto – upgrade, and more.

Rest of the options your web hosting provider will help you to mention in the boxes.  

The Select Theme helps you to select themes as per your business by default, WordPress uses a theme named after the year, but you can select one that fits the purpose of your website.  

After installing the plugin, the next step is to click on Install. A progress bar will get displayed on your installation status and refresh once the installation is done.

Note: during the going process avoid the closing of the browser as it can interrupt the installation.  

Last, you’ll get the notification displaying “Congratulations, the software was installed successfully.

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Disadvantage of Managed WordPress Hosting

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Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is specifically designed to serve the needs of WordPress users. They provide world class support, high security and lightning fast speed. Most of the companies use their own caching software to improve the site speed, and thus don’t allow any other cache plugins.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Disadvantage Of Managed WordPress Hosting

1) Higher Cost of Managed WordPress Hosting

Regular shared hosting plan cost less than a managed hosting. You will not get the same level of support for wordpress, but most companies still offer a basic level of support for their clients.

Higher Cost


2) Lack Of Control in Managed WordPress Hosting

Technical person manages technical aspects so you cannot actually control everything that would be changed. That time definitely the point for most people that opt for such a service, in the event that you do have a lot of technical knowledge and you want to control absolutely everything, you will not want someone else to manage the server.

Lack Of Control

3) Limitations on Managed WordPress Hosting

You can only run a site that is based on WordPress. You can not run all plugins because the shared hosting provider will basically eliminate all the plugins that would slow down everything. You will always have a site that runs at peak speed but there are situations in which you will be stressed by the fact that the provider does not want to install something you might need.


4) Not Flexible:

You are Allows host multiple website, you are limited to build your website with wordpress only. In case of a virtual private server that can give your site the same level of performance and security, at similar cost, but without the dedicated support for the software, you can build multiple websites using other software than wordpress.

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The Advantages Of Managed WordPress Hosting

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Managed WordPress Hosting

Hosting is an essential part of any online business. Making sure that you use a plan that’s ideally suited to your needs is crucial to serving a fast, secure website for your visitors. As such, the hosting plan you choose can often directly influence your website’s earnings!


Wordpress hosting


When we comes to hosting, we have various options in terms of Hosting packages and companies. Most common once are Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting and so on. Now, one thing which is common about these hosting companies, they will let you host any type of Website. Be it WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Web builder Websites and many more.

WordPress is a memory hogging software and despite of me being on Knownhost VPS, which is a powerful VPS hosting. Managed WordPress hosting takes care of every inch of server optimization for hosting a WordPress blog/Website.


Advantages Of Managed WordPress Hosting

1) Security :

Basic security sweeps are likely performed by shared hosts to ensure that their hundreds of users on each server aren’t hit by all sorts of threats. Managed WP hosting however, takes security to a whole other level. Increased security protocols, daily malware scans and the ability to ward off a all kinds of cyber threats (such as DDoS attacks) are features you’ll find pretty much as-standard on most managed WordPress hosting plans.

Hosting company provide of security and protection against intruders into their network and servers, it is very hard to make it 100% bullet-proof and to find out the source of the problem. That time managed wordpress hosting the server hardware and software is constantly updated to latest versions and technologies to ensure that your website is safe. Company has provide you with additional security, while managing the firewalls they create and more.

2) Support :

If something unfortunate happens to your site, for example, if it gets hacked, the database crashes or everything on the site is lost; a normal hosting service won’t be able to help you. The most managed WordPress hosting plans include not only automated daily backups, but also features that let you quickly and easily restore to your backups should you ever need to. Many shared hosting services do offer automatic backups via cPanel, however, these are almost always stored on the same server; meaning they’re just as susceptible to damage as the original data. In addition, restoring to one of these backups is usually no trivial task.

3) Core and Plugin updates:

The latest WordPress version has been designed so it can update itself. On some hosting servers this feature is disabled because it may cause pitfalls in server performance if all the websites hosted on the same servers are getting updated at the same time. If you choose to host your wordpress website on a managed hosting, these updated are performed automatically and the team will ensure that all of your plugins are also up to date.

4) Blazing Fast Speeds & performance:

A regular shared hosting is designed for general website needs. It provides an environment that fits everything and these servers has lots unnecessary modules and software installed that will slow down some websites. On a managed wordpress server, only those modules and software are installed that are needed to run wordpress and that are needed for some special plugins. This will significantly speed up your website and it will perform much better than on a regular hosting server.

5) Dedicated Memory : 

Traditional shared hosting account, in the worse case scenario your web site is located together with thousands of other websites on the same server, sharing the same CPU and core memory. With WPEngine and Traffic Planet Hosting, this load is a lot less. While you don’t have a dedicated server to your site, you tend to share with fewer clients on a dedicated managed WordPress environment.


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