How to install JetBackup for WordPress?

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Installing JetBackup for WordPress depends on whether you want the free or paid version:

Free Version:

To get the free version check these steps below:

Log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Navigate to “Plugins” > “Add New“.

Search for “JetBackup for WordPress” in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Click “Install Now” and “Activate Plugin” once the installation is complete.

Paid Version:

To get a paid version of JetBackup for WordPress, check these steps below:

If you have the Free Version Installed, you have to uninstall it by logging into your WordPress Admin Dashboard > “Plugins” > “Installed Plugins”, look for “JetBackup for WordPress” and click “Deactivate” then click on “Delete”.

Next, log in to the JetApps Client Area, and navigate to “Services”. “My Services” {JetApps Services Page}, click on the corresponding “JetBackup for WordPress” license then click download.

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