How to make a folder with name “con” ?

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“CON” is the system keyword and you can’t create it using normal method. Just try cmd .

Folder with Name “con”

Goto command Prompt,

Goto the location where you want to make the folder with name “con”.

write the command: mkdir \\.\e:\con

To remove the folder again: rmdir \\.\e:\con

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How to Reset the Ubuntu Password….

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Reset Your Ubuntu Password

Reboot your computer, and then as soon as you see the GRUB Loading screen, make sure to hit the ESC key so that you can get to the menu.

Root Shell – Easy Method

If you have the option, you can choose the “recovery mode” item on the menu, usually found right below your default kernel option.

Then choose “Drop to root shell prompt” from this menu.

This should give you a root shell prompt.

Alternate Root Shell Method

If you don’t have the recovery mode option, this is the alternate way to manually edit the grub options to allow for a root shell.

First you’ll want to make sure to choose the regular boot kernel that you use (typically just the default one), and then use the “e” key to choose to edit that boot option.

Now just hit the down arrow key over to the “kernel” option, and then use the “e” key to switch to edit mode for the kernel option.

You’ll first be presented with a screen where you can find this written “ro single”

You’ll want to remove the “ro single” part with the backspace key, and then add this onto the end:

rw init=/bin/bash

Once you hit enter after adjusting the kernel line, you’ll need to use the B key to choose to boot with that option.

At this point the system should boot up very quickly to a command prompt.

Changing the Actual Password

You can use the following command to reset your password:


After changing your password, use the following commands to reboot your system. (The sync command makes sure to write out data to the disk before rebooting)


reboot –f

I found that the –f parameter was necessary to get the reboot command to work for some reason. You could always hardware reset instead, but make sure to use the sync command first.

And now you should be able to login without any issues.

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Firefox Shortcut

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As we know Mozilla Firefox is very popular amongst all the browsers. It has lots of shortcut, so here in this post I am going to show you the shortcuts available in mozilla firefox.
Double-click (On a word)                                   Select the word.
Triple-click                                                              Select entire line.
Wheel click                                                              Activate the Smooth scrolling
Hold Ctrl + Scroll Wheel forward                   Increase font size
Hold Ctrl + Scroll Wheel backward               Decrease font size
Click one end, hold Shift & click another    Create a selection from the two points
F5                                                                                 Refresh.
F6                                                                                 Move focus to address bar.
F11                                                                               Toggle on/off full-screen mode
Alt + (Left Arrow)                                                  Go back on history. Same pas Backspace
Alt + (Right Arrow)                                               Go forward on history.
Ctrl + A                                                                       Select All.
Ctrl + B                                                                        Favorites.
Ctrl + C                                                                        Copy Selected.
Ctrl + D                                                                        Add the current page to favorite.
Ctrl + E                                                                        Search panel.
Ctrl + F                                                                        Find (on page).
Ctrl + H                                                                        Toggle History panel.
Ctrl + I                                                                          Toggle Favorites panel.
Ctrl + J                                                                          Download.
Ctrl + N                                                                         Open New browser window.
Ctrl + P                                                                          Print current page / frame.
Ctrl + R                                                                          Refresh. Same as F5
Ctrl + T                                                                           New Tab
Esc                                                                                   Stop (while page is loading).
Ctrl + Enter                                                                  Auto complete a url address
Shift + Enter                                                                 Complete a .net instead of a .com address.
Ctrl + Shift + Enter                                                     Complete a .org address.
Ctrl + Tab                                                                       Cycle through open tabs.

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Branding Windows Xp with your Name and Details…

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Open notepad–> copy the lines

Manufacturer=Your Name Here
Model=Your Model Here
[Support Information]
Line1=Your Name Here
Line2=Your Address Here
Line3=Your Email Address Here
 SAVE it with the name OEMINFO.INI in the c:\windows\system32 

Then make a right click on my computer select properties, in the general tab a button will be highlighted (support information) make a click on it, you will be able to see the changes.

Now if you want to display some more information then simply increase the line in the file.
ex: Line4=Your Working Hours Here

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Chat with Friends through Command Prompt…

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All you need is your friend’s IP Address and your Command Prompt. Open Notepad and write this code as it is…..!

@echo off
set /p n=User:
set /p m=Message:
net send %n% %m%
Goto A

  •  Now save this as “Messenger.Bat“.

  • Open Command Prompt.

  • Drag this file (.bat file) over to Command Prompt and press Enter.

  • Now, type the IP Address of the computer you want to contact and press enter

  •  Now all you need to do is type your message and press Enter.

           Start Chatting…….!

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NOKIA Secret Codes

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*** WARNING: Using secret codes may be harmful to your phone and result in disabling or worse. Use these codes at your own risk, we are not responsible  for blocked pones while using these codes!!!
IMEI Number
*#06# Cells Identity Code (IMEI = International Mobile Equipment Identity)
TAC = Type Approval Code (first 2 digits = country code of the approval-country )
FAC = Final Assembly Code: (01,02 = AEG)
(10,20 Nokia)
(40,41,44 Siemens)
(30 Ericsson)
(50 Bosch)
(51 Sony,Siemens,Ericsson)
(60 Alcatel)
(65 AEG)
(70 Sagem)
(75 Dancall)
(80 Philips)
(85 Panasonic)
SNR = Serial Nr.
SP = Spare (always “0”

Software Version 

*#0000# shows the software version
Signal Processing
*3370# – Enchanced full Rate Codec (EFR) activation. It will automatically restart.
#3370# – Enchanced full Rate Codec (EFR) deactivation
*4720# – Half Rate Codec activation. It will automatically restart.
#4720# – Half Rate Codec deactivation
Enchanced Full Rate will give you much better sound quality when you enable it. The new Enhanced Full Rate CODEC adopted by GSM uses the ASELP (AlgebraicCode Excitation Linear Prediction) compression technology. This technology allows for much great voice quality in the same number of bits as the older Full Rate CODEC. The older technology was called LPC-RPE (Linear Prediction Coding with Regular Pulse Excitation). Both operate at 13 kilobits.(but you take up more space on the network, so they can charge you more) – Talk-time is reduced with about 5%

Sim Clock Stopping 

Checks if the sim clock can be stopped. Sim clock stop is a kind of stand-by mode which will save battery time. This code doesn’t work with software version 4.59.
It will tell you if it can be stopped or not.

Warrenty Menu 

*#92702689# takes you to a secret menu with 6 choices:
1. Displays Serial Number.
2. Displays the Month and Year of Manufacture (0997).
3. Displays (if there) the date where the phone was purchased (MMYY).
4. Displays the date of the last repairment – if found (0000).
5. Makes you capable of transferring user data if you have the gear for it.
6. Shows how long the phone has been used to talk. This counter is not reset by when you “clear timers” like the counters in the call register.

Bypass the SP lock With a Nokia 16xx/21xx/31xx/51xx/81xx

1. Insert SIM card of different provider.
2. Turn on the phone and press the UP VOLUME key for 3 sec.
Then release it and the phone says PIN CODE?
3. Press the “C” key.
4. Then Press * and wait until it disappears and appears again, then press * one more time and 04*PIN*PIN*PIN#

Nokia Speed Trap Detector Urban Legend spread by Nokia Engineers ;
The settings for radar speed traps detector. Your Nokia cell phone can be programmed to pick up radar speed traps, when programmed your cell phone picks up the radar and alerts you on the message alert tone. ( Doesn’t work with Nokia 7110! )
1. Enter your menu
2. Select settings
3. Select security settings
4. Select closed user group
5. Select on
6. Enter 00000
7. Press ok
8. Clear back to normal, within a few seconds your phone will display a radar sign with five zero’s next to it. It is now activated.
Unfortunately only Nokia phones have this function. The Cell Phone info display needs to be de-activated. Settings -> Phone Settings -> Cell Info display. Each time you turn off your phone, or even each time you loose contact with your carrier, you’ll have to activate it again… It is done using steps 1 through 5 above, but the number (00000) will be already on the field as a default.

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How to secure your server from PHP Shells!

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Adding these code in your php.ini file will protect your server from execution of Shells like c99,r57 or b374k.
disable_functions = php_uname, getmyuid, getmypid, passthru, leak, listen, diskfreespace, tmpfile, link, ignore_user_abord, shell_exec, dl, set_time_limit, exec, system, highlight_file, source, show_source, fpaththru, virtual, posix_ctermid, posix_getcwd, posix_getegid, posix_geteuid, posix_getgid, posix_getgrgid, posix_getgrnam, posix_getgroups, posix_getlogin, posix_getpgid, posix_getpgrp, posix_getpid, posix, _getppid, posix_getpwnam, posix_getpwuid, posix_getrlimit, posix_getsid, posix_getuid, posix_isatty, posix_kill, posix_mkfifo, posix_setegid, posix_seteuid, posix_setgid, posix_setpgid, posix_setsid, posix_setuid, posix_times, posix_ttyname, posix_uname, proc_open, proc_close, proc_get_status, proc_nice, proc_terminate, phpinfo,system,passthru,shell_exec,escapeshellarg,escapeshellcmd,proc_close,proc_open,ini_alter,dl,popen,popen,pcntl_exec,socket_accept,socket_bind,socket_clear_error,socket_close,socket_connect
safe_mode = On
register_globals = Off
display_errors = Off
allow_url_fopen = Off
allow_url_include = Off
enable open_basedir(set it to webroot path)

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